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Meow Meow Meow~

 Man, I am feeling just a bit woozy >.< I feel like every time I wake up after taking a nyquil, my brain is all fuzzy. But the medicine should have worn off hours ago, I slept for 12 hours!!! 
So I was not feelin' too good last night. I went back to my room after class, went on the computer and did some cleaning of my side of the room, and then started some homework. Danielle called to see if I wanted to go watch movies with her and Chris. I wasn't feeling too good, and then she told me that Chris lives in Queens, and that she was just going to stay over there. I already wasn't feelin' to hot, and I had no interest in sleeping in any other place than my own. But I told her that I was going to take a nap and if I felt better after my nap I would call her and let her know. Vreni called me soon after this asking if I was going to Nicole's apartment party. This also made me just feel a little more tired. So, I took the nyquil and went to nappy time. Apparently Danielle called me about 4 times and left me a voice message, which I did not get until this morning DX. I feel baaaaad. But I was sleeping! Not my fault I was so asleep I didn't hear the phone!
Although, I did (half) wake up a couple times to hear my roommates partying at a loud level in our living area. I'm sorry, that's just not fair to me. They were just lucky that I was out cold enough to not kill them. 
BLAGH. I have to venture over to the sculpture building today, which is not going to be fun at all. *cough cough* Vreni should be coming with me *cough cough* But seeing as she was out partying all night long, that might not be the case. Oh lord, whatever am I going to do? 
Gotta work at 6, blaah. I still have a lot of homework I need to do X(



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